11 questions to ask before getting first tattoo

Questions to ask before getting first tattoo

Firsts are always special, whether it is your first love or your first tattoo. We understand your excitement levels are at peak when it is about getting your first tattoo ever, but there are several things to keep in mind before you get anything tattooed on your skin. Remember fellas, this piece of art is going to stay with you for a very long time that is why do your homework well guys!

Before Getting a Tattoo Checklist and Tips

The art of tattooing is gaining popularity and has widespread recognition that is unprecedented. Regardless of whether you do know something about tattoos, we think this guide and tattoo tips for beginners will help as you plan for your first tattoo.

  • Start with a thorough research: Superficial research will lead you nowhere. We emphasize on doing a thorough research on your own that covers all the aspects of tattooing. From the designs to the things used in inking, from artists to their forte, etc. 
  • Be original and communicate: Making your artist understand your design is very important. Most of the time, artists end up making their spooky designs similar to what you have seen on the internet rather than what you asked them to make. Hence, you need to communicate with your artist efficiently before he starts doing his job. 
  • Mentally prepare yourself about pain: Getting a tattoo will always hurt because you are inserting needles on your skin. However, the degree of pain will vary depending on where you decide to get it. 
  • Placement Decisions: Thinking about where to place your tattoo has a lot to do with its designing, how much pain will it cause, and how well it will soak the ink. Apart from these factors, you also need to keep in mind the body parts that will stay unaffected by pregnancy, weight gain, or weight loss so that your tattoo is protected. 
  • Do not haggle: Remember that you are going to get what you have paid for. So it is better to spend the deserved amount of money for the services the artist is giving you instead of bargaining. 
  • Prepare yourself well for that particular day: It is very important for you to mentally prepare yourself a night before going to your artist. You need to take good night’s sleep a night before and eat a solid meal before going. It is also advised to keep some snacks with you in case your sugar levels drop. 
  • Choose wisely: Choosing a design can be a tricky step in case you don’t have something already planned in your mind. Going for a name of your loved ones, or a tattoo in loving memory of a beloved can have negative motions of regret and sadness if things ever go south with them. Those tattoos, then will act as a painful reminder on your body. 
  • Be prepared to do all the aftercare steps your tattoo artist tells: A new tattoo will take approximately two weeks to fully heal. Until it is completely healed, your tattoo will be an open wound that needs extra care to avoid any kind of infection. Apart from religiously applying the ointment your artist has prescribed you, avoid going for swimming, or soaking in a water tub during this time. Moreover, keep the area protected from sunlight. 

Questions before Getting your first Tattoo FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions before Getting a Tattoo. Our Tattoo Faq for beginners will make getting Your first tattoo easy and fun. 

Question 1 : how much do tattoos cost?

Placement, size of your tattoo, detailing, and how much time it will take are some factors that determine the cost of your tattoo. Generally, all tattoo places will start from a minimum cost. This is to make sure the artist is fully compensated for their efforts as well as time. If you want something very tiny and simple, like a sea wave or a heart outline, you will have to spend $50-$150 approximately.  

Question 2: How long does a tattoo session last?

There’s no set time limit for tattoos. The time it takes to finish your tattoo will fluctuate incredibly, and it depends on various variables. Not exclusively is the size of your tattoo taken into consideration, but the shading involved and its placement will determine the time it will take. 

Question 3: Is it important to eat before getting a tattoo? 

Tattooists prescribe you eat one to two hours before going to your appointment. Preferably, a meal full of proteins or vegetables would be an ideal choice. 

Question 4: Should you shower before getting a tattoo?

It is advised to take a shower or wash the area of skin where you plan on getting tattooed before coming in to get one, especially if you work around construction materials, garbage, paints, sewage, etc. 

Question 5: Is it important to sleep well before getting a tattoo? 

Lack of sleep leads to dehydration of skin. In order to avoid that, one should get a good night’s sleep a night before getting a tattoo. 

Question 6: how long does it take for a tattoo to heal?

The outer layer of the skin will heal in about 2-3 weeks after getting it done. However, on the outlook it may look all set after three weeks but altogether it can take up to six months for complete healing. 

Question 7: How much does a tattoo hurt? 

Tattooing is always going to be painful. However, the pain will vary depending upon the place you are getting it on. The places with least amount of fat, thinnest skin, and places having most nerve endings will be the most painful ones. Bony areas tend to hurt a lot when getting tattoos. 

Question 8: How long after a tattoo can you shower normally?

Once you take off your wrap that is there to protect your tattoo, you are ready to take a shower. Although, a lot of experts suggest to take it preferably after 24 hours. 

Question 9: Do tattoos last forever? 

Yes! Majority tattoos last forever as our human body starts to think that it is under attack when someone tries to draw on skin. The complex processes of the human body that protect our skin from infections are the ones that let ink stay forever in our skin. 

Question 10: What happens to your tattoo when you get old?

As you grow old, your skin tends to wrinkle, sage and loosen, hence, so will your tattoos. They will sag and stretch as you age to have a wrinkled skin. With age, the imagery becomes blur or unclear.

Question 11: Can I take painkillers before getting a tattoo?

Yes, you can take some painkillers before getting a tattoo. Taking one or two tablets of Tylenol (AKA acetaminophen) can help in pain reduction. However, you need to keep in mind that painkillers like aspirin or even Ibuprofen can thin your blood, causing your affected area to bleed more.

Tattoo Guide For Beginners

Think hard before you get it, this means that give yourself a couple of months and if the idea of tattoos still lingers in your mind that means you are ready for it. If you are getting your first tattoo, advice is to go for a place which is not visible and can be covered with clothing such as an ankle.

To get a tattoo for the first time, can be a very tough and a gutsy decision to make. But we assure you that it is completely okay to feel that. All you need to do is sit with your comrades who already have some sort of experience regarding tattooing and communicate with them about it. Get some information about their experience and journey, where did they get it from, how they got it, their feelings after they got one, These inquiries will help you a ton in deciding.

After you have got clarity, it is time to dive into some research and find a tattooist that is well-suited for your desired design and falls under your budget. For that matter, you can look into the work of that artist and read customer reviews, if it seems satisfactory, then defo go for it! 

Lastly, consult with your artist about the design that you want and give time to this process as it is your first tattoo and should be memorable and should hold a meaning. After that, rock that tattoo ON. 

First Tattoo Placement Advice

After the selection of your desired design, placement is what you need to think of. It is important to choose the best spot for your tattoo as it will help you appreciate the piece of art on your body in a better way. 

Below we have mentioned five best placements for your first tattoo. 

  • Inner arm or Forearm: It is a good option to go with inner arm or forearm placement as it will help you conceal your tattoo. Your workplace ethics or culture might not be very open to it, so in that case this place will be an ideal choice.
  • Thighs: It is considered as a painless area to get tattooed. In case you want a big piece as your first tattoo; thigh is the best option for you as you can hide it easily in case anything goes wrong. 
  • Calves: Away from your shin bone and below the knee can be another good option for starters as this place won’t hurt a lot. Your small first tattoo on the calf can later also be transformed into a calf sleeve if you want it that way. 
  • Shoulders: Since shoulders are linked with the arms, they do not hurt at all. Maybe 5-10% of pain but not more than that. You can always hide your shoulder tattoo in case it does not turn out well and you can later make a full tattoo sleeve out of it if it turns out to be good. 
  • Ribs: I would only suggest you go for ribs if you plan on hiding your tattoo at all times. Getting a tattoo there is hella painful. 

Unique First Tattoo Ideas for Beginners

Finally check our blog to find unique first tattoo ideas before getting ink for the first time. We recommend starting with a small symbolic tattoo and then going towards large full body tattoos.

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