Neo Traditional tattoos

Neo Traditional tattoos

Dramatic and vibrant colors, often in shades that remind you of East Coast hues of fall leaves in October or Victorian velvets, mixed with intricate details like pearls or attractive laces; this is how Neo-traditional tattoo type is made. Having the most extravagant aesthetic styling, Neo-traditional tattoos are a blend of traditional tattoo techniques and rich history of arts and crafts. It is believed that Neo-traditional tattoos are an evolution to the American Traditional tattoos or Old school tattooing. Using realistic images, incorporating modern themes, making bolder and dramatic styles. They usually have bright and bold colors that come with a dark outline that helps the design last longer on the skin. 

Influences Of Neo Traditional Tattoo Type

Difference between Neo-traditional and traditional tattoo style: 

Though these tattoos may seem divergent from the American Traditional tattoo type regardless of its name, these tattoos do use similar techniques and strokes. The width and linings do vary from design to design, however, the bold black outlines and larger designs that are visible from a distance are points of commonality between these two types. The significance of black carbon acting as a barrier to hold color, clarity in the composition, etc. can also be considered as some common themes in both these types. The point where Neo-traditional tattoos tend to differ is their idea of lavish details, and bright colors. It is mainly due to the stylistic influences from the historic art movements that led many tattooists to come up with such ideas. 

To completely comprehend Neo-Traditional tattoos, we need to turn around to its underlying foundations and influences, which is the Art Nouveau, the most notable trend during the 1890s. This styling is heavily impacted by Eastern art, particularly Japanese art, which was being shown in Europe during that point in time. The admiration for Japanese aesthetics started to bloom, later the bold lines and bright styling became popular among the masses.  Eastern and Western art was then joined, refined by the development of Art Nouveau. Delightful, lovely, and agile pictures converged with rich floral, laces, and subtleties superbly.

The upcoming movement which is said to replace Art Nouveau is “Art Deco”. Using more elegant, thinner, and modernized fine art, Art Deco can be considered as the new big inspiration for the people with Victorian cultures, Asian and Egyptian inspiration. With both Art Nouveau and Art Deco as the establishment, no big surprise why Neo Traditional Tattoos are striking hard with regards to inking.

Neo-traditional Tattoo Artists

Although several artists have tried their hands on the aesthetics of Neo-traditional tattooing, however, only a few are recognized as those who have mastered the art. Among those, Jacob Wiman, Antony Flemming, Miss Juliet, Jen Tonic, Hannah Flowers, Heath Clifford, and Vale Lovette top the list. Every one of these tattoo artists works inside the field of Neo-Traditional tattooing, they all bring to it a remarkable and particular flavor to the style.

Hannah Flowers is known for her lovely representation of nymphettes and goddesses. She is greatly inspired by Klimt and Mucha; their work is often referred to within her Neo-Traditional tattoos. Heath Clifford and Grant Lubbock both focus on strong animal ideas, while Antony Flemming and Arielle Gagnon, however also are enthusiastic about animals but often mix their designs with fancy ornamental detailing, for example, pearls, jewels, crystals, metalwork, and laces. 

Vale Lovette, also an artist of animals and women, is maybe most exceptionally renowned for her huge blackwork pieces; saturated with Art Nouveau in the types of filigree, an architectural ornamentation.  Other these below mentioned are some tattooist whose work you need to check out:

  • Chris Green
  • Mitchell Allenden
  • Grant Lubbock
  • Deborah Cherrys
  • Arielle Gagnon
  • Sadee Glover

Neo-traditional Tattoo Designs

Strong aesthetics, bold designs, vibrant colors are some points on how you can notice a Neo-traditional tattoo. They come in many designs, from Neo-traditional tattoo sleeves filled with wild designs or an artistic woman drawn on your chest. 

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